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Farming & Staking

Join us. Farm & Stake your Cheems™ today! It's quite lucrative and mweasy to do too. Deposit an equal value of both $CHMS and $BNB and click the Join pool button. See, simplier than ABC! Start farming today and harvest incredible ROI for your Cheems ⛏️. It sure pays to make those Cheems™ work for you, doesn't it? Join us, we'll make a farm dog out of you. Mwoof!

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Go do battle, be a headhunter and come back victorious with spoils of war, plunder and your new humble proselytes. Your proven return will be awash with Cheems™. We will litter the streets with cheemsburgers in your honor 🍔🍔🍔. Your fellow memers will vote you head dog of your day and leader of the sled pack. So, prove your worth and watch our marketcap grow! For we #Cheememeins, together strong. Mwoof! Mwoof!

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Every now and then you meet a legend, that vast #Cheememein warrior, loyal, insurmountable conqueror of campaigns, dominus of communities, king of kings! Such a legend deserves legendary NFTs which we as a community bestow them with. They double in value every year. Yes, they can be sold or stored as they also are the only unstakable asset that bestow staked return monthly. A legend reward of a legendary warrior. We only seek to secure your retirement with these rare antiques. Mwoof! Mwoof!

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Yes, insurance comes to Cheems™. And not just any insurance, but DeFi insurance! Insure your Cheems™ or be insured by them, even lend them while fully insured to insure another. Not bad, m'right? Such security makes you wanna spin around in some circles, am i right?

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Rapid Player Gaming

Not bad when you run at 3 secs per block 😉 All that is thanks to Binance and the Binance™ Smart Chain network. Since we were made for DeFi, we will be plugging into many blockchain gaming apps and none of you, especially our fun loving memers will ever need to feel left out of any game. You can play with your tail all you want. mwoof! mwoof!!

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Cheems™ Go VOTE!

We'll be setting up a DAO as soon as we are able. Why? Because we want things to get more decentralized, after all it's what DeFi is all about. You make our marketcap grow with your steadfast mining. You create value, content and attention on the internet. You are the Memer, the Cheememein! You have the power and 100% creative control of Cheems™. It always and would always belong to you. Mwoof!