The CHMS Token

Built for Decentralized Finance

There are many notable differences that distinguish Cheems™ from its older more popular meme cousin, Dogecoin. One stark difference is that Cheems™ runs at an optimal transaction speed of 3 seconds per block on Binance Smart Chain™.

In other words, not only is cash in Cheems 20 times faster, but unlike Doge, Cheems™ is built for DeFi and micropayments. Mwoof!

Fair Launch and Capped Supply

A noteworthy mention is that upon creation, Cheems™ is hardcapped at a 1:1 supply with dogecoin at 129 billion only. There will never be more minted. Another fair mention is that it's always going to be a #DogEatDog world out here, Cheems vs Doge, so accept this as a #fcfs notification on Cheems™ Fair Launch Info.

1. Decentralized Token Sale.

2. Fair Launch and Capped Supply.

3. Listing on Decentralized High liquidity Exchange like Pancakeswap / Dodo™ (backed by Binance).

4. Successfully battle/troll doge memes on the RTT, Reddit/Twitter/Telegram, to earn 2 million $chms from the Cheems™ Reserve Pool. Yes, you heard that correctly, 2 million $chms for every successful troll and exclusive knock-out cheem meme in the global doge/cheem war! The larger the prey, the louder they fall, and of course the surer the payout! Mwoof! Mwoof!

About Cheems™

no rugs. no games. Just a meme mission.
🧐 What Is Cheems™?

Cheems is a meme fork of the popular "doge" Internet meme and features a Shiba Inu on its logo. A trade fork as well, with Cheems™ allowing for grittier, wittier, whimsical and darker themed memes behind the Shiba Inu. All of mwhich go with a cheemsburger 🍔 o Darkseid! We envisage a fun, dark-humored versatile memetocurrency (meme + cryptocurrency) that would have greater mappeal to the wittiest of crypto socials, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram and what's to come. A social currency built for the unholy affair albeit inescapable union between DeFi and Social Networks. Mwah! Yeh that's right, it's coming much sooner than you think.

In not so related news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted several tweets on social media that Dogecoin was his favorite coin. Our 'mphasis here being "was", why? Because he hasn't posted about us...yet. He will, if our trolls have a say in it 🤣

⛏️ How Do You Mine Cheems™?

Currently, the only everpresent way to mine Cheems™ is to do battle. Battle, troll and overthrow memes for Cheems™ memes. Battle any large campaign, dog community influencers & large groups. The more public the battle, the surer your payout. We battle, troll and overthrow memes for Cheems™ memes to claim victory. Cheems™ has reserved pools from which marketing and rewards are distributed to the most active members and contributors, so the bigger the Ogre you troll, knock down or win over with your Cheems™ memes, the surer the Cheems™ community will award you 2 million $chms for your cheemvalance. 😜

Another way to mine Cheems™ is through special programs like trade and liquidity mining. Join our community to find out more about these special programs and how your Cheems can earn you even more Cheems with no impermanent loss. 1 Cheemsburger will always equal 1 cheemsburger! 🍔 = 🍔 That is the stamdard. Anyone in need of some mustard?

💡 What Can Cheems™ Be Used For?

Cheems™ can be used primarily for tipping as our Reserve Pool is primarily to incentivise & vastly reward the creation or sharing of engaging content (light, dark, or controversial who are we to decide). You can get tipped Cheems™ by participating in the community or battle a meme turd on Social Media. Remember the bigger they are, the louder the fall, the surer your payout.

💳 How Can You Buy Cheems™?

We were made for DeFi. You can find that out by downloading any web3 wallet like Metamask or TrustWallet and interacting with our official markets at PancakeSWAP/DODO dex to find out. If this is your first time attempting to plug into Decentralized Finance on the Binance network, you should read this article from Binance first 🔗 Then you can procced to either PancakeSWAP or DODO to buy your Cheems™ tokens securely.

📬 How To Reach Out?

Feel free to say hello on Telegram or Twitter. For more sensitive matters, you can reach us via email with your requests, proposals or insights and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was there a presale?

We have approached a reputable IDO platform that offers truly transparent, secure and fair token launches. We will also bootstrap liquidity upon launch as well as allow the market distribute and trade $CHMS at open market prices.

What is Dodo?

DODO™ is a high liquidity and volume exchange, trading and exchanging assets across multiple chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain on which Cheems™ runs. It is fully decentralized and secure and an offical partner of Binance. It is also backed by industry gaints like Coinbase™, Almeda Research, Pantera and Three Arrows Capital. DODO™ is where Cheems™ was born, its smart contract and code was issued, audited and released by DODO™ and comes as no surprise it's where Cheems™ trade mining will begin. Do not miss it!

Where can I get Cheems™?

You can buy Cheems™ when available on a highly liquid dex.

Always ensure you're on bsc mainnet when using Metamask or Trustwallet and that you have purchased the right token. Our token address on Binance™ Smart Chain is available here for you to add to Metamask or Trustwallet .


Max Supply of 129.3 billion Cheems™ were minted. A major of these tokens are stored in the Cheems™ Reserve Pools and as the name implies is reserved for Marketing, Incentivization and Rewards to bootstrap, develop, incentivize and stimulate the Cheems ecosystem for the next 30 years. We plan for Cheems™ to be self-sustaining long before then.
Asides from the Reserve Pools, all tokens are accessible to the market upon launch.